Immigration, crime and citizenship in troubled times


Cartel9-10 May 2019
Institute of Criminology,
University of Malaga, Spain

Research on migration, crime and penality, as well as on topics such as borders, security, and citizenship has long been part and parcel of criminology’s academic landscape. Therefore, these are by any means new topics. On the contrary, as is proven by their consolidated role within the programme of ESC, ASC and L&S conferences, they have constituted a burgeoning field of study, both in Europe and elsewhere. Still, a number of critical events occurred in the last years, as part of the so-called migration crisis in 2014-2016, have posed new academic and political challenges.

This conference aimed at making a contribution to the academic debate on these topics from the standpoint of this troubling period. It sought to bring together a number of criminologists and socio-legal scholars to raise a multi-situated conversation on the consequences of recent changes on crime and penality, as well as on bordering processes and border management.

Likewise, this conference aimed to reinforce the ESC Working Group on Immigration, Crime and Citizenship as a collaboration network for criminologists, socio-legal scholars and social scientists conducting research in this field.     

We share some of the moments that the conference left us

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  • May-Len Skilbrei (University of Oslo, Norway)
  • Elisa García-España (University of Malaga, Spain)
  • José A. Brandariz (University of A Coruna, Spain)
  • Valeria Ferraris (University of Turin, Italy)
  • Cristina Fernández-Bessa (University of A Coruna, Spain)


OCSPI Team – Institute of Criminology. University of Malaga

  • Elisa García-España (Director)
  • María Contreras (Coordinator)
  • Jacqueline Carvalho
  • Juan Antonio Aguilar
  • Elena Casado
  • Bertha Prado
  • Rodrigo Campos
  • Natalia del Pino