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OCSPI (Observatorio Criminológico del Sistema Penal ante la inmigración) is an initiative of the Institute de Criminology of the University of Malaga, Spain, specifically by Associate Professor Elisa Garcia-España, who runs it.

After more than 20 years of existence the Institute of Criminology has developed numerous projects in the field of Criminology. In recent years, our team have detected areas of improvement in the response of the Spanish crime control system in relationship towards the migrant population. This finding has led us to create an institution to specifically do research in this field.

The OCSPI has four main goals:

  1. First, the OSCPI aims to promote a platform of scholars, criminologists and members of the civil society that want to improve the response of the Spanish crime control system towards immigrants. We have recruited over 20 collaborators eager to work in this unexplored field and contribute with new ideas in our context [read more]
  2. Second, the OSCPI works to develop criminological research. The Institute of Criminology has already experience in this field. Actually, we currently have a project to study the criminal response to crime committed by immigrants. The Government of Andalusia funds this project. And we would like to do further research in this area, and the new observatory will help us to do so  [read more].
  3. Third, the OCSPI provides training and formation to formal social control system specifically in its relationship with immigrants. We have many police officers, lawyers, among our students, and we want to take advantage of our privilege position to improve their formation in a field frequently neglected [read more].
  4. Finally, the OCSPI collects, studies and provides best practices in different areas of observation, such as cultural diversity, attention to trafficked migrant women, attention to migrant minors, treatment of migrants in prison, etc. [read more].

The OCSPI focuses its research in nine main fields:

For further information, please contact us: ocspi.info@gmail.com.

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